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Total Cost of Gaming, part 2

June 16, 2016

Topics: Economics Games

In “The Total Cost of Gaming, Part 1” I discussed why game industry needs to do a better job understanding the Total Cost of Gaming (TCoG). You might…

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Total Cost of Gaming, part 1

June 22, 2015

Topics: Economics Games

While traveling in Europe I’ve learned (the hard way) that the cost of downloading a game can easily equal or exceed the cost of the game itself.

The price of…

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End-to-End Latency

May 28, 2015

Topics: Networking Games

When consumers around the globe purchase data plans for their devices, they usually only consider three factors: what kind of connection (wireless, dsl, fiber, etc…), bandwidth (Megabytes per Second) and…

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The Curious Programmer

May 18, 2015

Topics: Management Development

When I read about the 10x programmer I think, “That’s nice, but it isn’t everything.” They are the big guns that cause a lot of damage, but they don’t aim…

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Digital Water Empires

December 31, 2014

Topics: Software Economics

I’ve been running future trends exercises lately and want to discuss a similarity between the ancient Roman and Egyptian Empires and modern software companies like Facebook, Google and others.


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Virtual Scarcity, Media, and the post Gutenberg Era

July 11, 2014

Topics: Economics Media

The past few days have seen a debate on the intertubes about the future of music and album sales. I spent a lot of thought-time on this subject a few…

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July 08, 2014

Topics: Gaming

I was recently asked to speak about the new field of "Neurogaming" at the Games for Change Europe event in Paris by my friend Jean-Michel Blottière.

My first thought…

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